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A Year in Review: A Foodie Tour to Chicago and Spain

A Year in Review: A Foodie Tour to Chicago and Spain

Monica’s Excellent Foodie Tours to Chicago and Spain

Solo travel is a huge passion of mine. 2023 has been a year of outstanding food from Chicago and Northern Spain. Since I don’t have any friends, it’s a regular pastime of mine to dine alone, so please don’t judge me. LOL!

Below are a few highlights of my two culinary adventures. Thanks, Europamundo and Comfort Tours for making my trips comfortable and unforgettable.


Gino’s – Diavola Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I know this place is overrated, but the deep-dish pizza was incredible. I came on a Friday so it was super busy – it took around 40 minutes to prepare my pizza. The wait was worth it!

Spicy pepperoni, basil, white truffle oil

Leon – Spain

I came to this place when everyone was on their siesta, which is an afternoon nap in Spanish. All the shops were closed from 2-5 PM. Never in my life have I seen such beautiful cathedrals, Gothic architecture, and shops. Everywhere I went, there were restaurants lined up. I didn’t find this place very touristy.

Crispy Cod Tacos with Black Garlic Aioli at

I had the best cod tacos at Quedate Carolina in Leon at a restaurant called Quedate Carolina. The batter was light and fluffy like a Japanese tempura.

Oviedo – Spain

Let me tell you a secret: I’m allergic to eggs and seafood. Before I came on this trip, I packed some allergy pills in case the food allergies caused me to break out in hives. Spain is known for its seafood paella so I had to be super careful not to be too adventurous.

I went to a restaurant called El Mono Que Lee, and I had the most incredible octopus stew in tomato sauce. Here’s the catch: within hours, I had rashes all over my body. Luckily, they disappeared after I took my allergy pills.



My time in this beautiful city was extremely short, as it was my last day in Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Sagrada Familia and La Rambla. I went to a Japanese ramen restaurant and had this delicious chicken curry ramen. I’ll be back someday and hopefully, I’ll try the paella – preferably, with chicken or pork.