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Street Eats Drive-Thru

My Review of Street Eats Drive-Thru

What do Canadians like to do? Shopping and eating out.

It’s like the pandemic never happened and when shops and takeout joints start opening up, crowds of people gather around. I guess it’s the herd mentality; people like to follow other people who are doing new and interesting things. If there’s a new restaurant opening up, you bet there will be a huge line around the block. That’s who we are as Torontonians. We don’t like being left behind and like being the first to try everything new.

When I heard that Yorkdale was re-opening, I like hundreds of other people around the GTA came back to shop and gather with our friends. I checked out the Street Eats Drive-Thru like hundreds of other foodies. We were just so overjoyed to be finally released from our homes and free from the lockdown.

The Street Eats Drive-Thru Website

I guess I have bragging rights to be one of the first to be there at the drive-thru on June 20th.  The website wasn’t hard to use. Independent catering and restaurants served street food on a parking lot in Yorkdale Mall. Everyone pre-purchased their food online and reserved their pickup times. From Korean tacos, pizza, Jamaican food to donuts, the selection was decent. I wish got to try them all but I found the pricing a tad expensive so I settled with Tiny Tom’s donuts – like everyone else.

The Drive-Thru Experience

I would never go back here again. Just because I reserved my 2:45 timeslot, didn’t mean I got my donuts at 2:45. In fact, after waiting for a bit over an hour, I finally received my donuts at 3:15. The line was crazy long and the traffic was hectic. Never in my life was I so stressed out over getting food.

We were separated into three lines and everyone tried to get into Tiny Tom’s line. I guess people who wanted Tiny Tom’s got confused and somehow ended up in the wrong line. I stuck in my line and somehow let other people ram their cars in front of me. It got so stressful because there was no one directing traffic. This is an accident waiting to happen. Yes, everyone was here for Tiny Tom’s because we’re all dirt poor.

After I finally picked up my donuts, I quickly drove home and vowed to never come out when there’s a chance of a crowd. This was not a good experience.