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Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class at Bangkok Garden

This Thai cooking class at Bangkok Garden was definitely a fun experience. Honestly, I’ve never been to this restaurant but I heard that this was the best Thai restaurant in Toronto. I found this event through Single in the City and I’m glad I went. Throughout the Thai cooking class, I got to meet different people with a common love of food. We also got to know each other by playing an icebreaker game. I won a book and sipped on a delicious Nutella martini, one of Bangkok Garden’s signature drinks.

In addition, we got to work together to create chicken spring rolls which were a lot easier to make than I thought. If you’re looking to make a healthy appetizer, this spring roll recipe is the one to make. The secret is to wet the rice wrappers and work with a damp cloth to prevent sticking. Also during the Thai cooking class, the chef made us a nice Pad Thai dinner. I specified before I came here that I was allergic to shrimp due to my eczema (one of the reasons why shrimp is not on my blog). Luckily, I was spared and I was served a chicken pad thai instead. I’ve attached the recipe for the spring rolls. You’ll love the taste and feel inspired to make these two delicious dishes at home – or go to Bangkok Garden for an authentic taste of Thai cuisine.



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