Clay Pot Chicken Recipe

clay pot chicken recipe
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Clay Pot Chicken Recipe

I have a craving for Clay Pot Chicken Recipe, the ultimate comfort food my mom always makes at home. For this recipe, I used chicken wings and marinated them 24 hours in advance. You can also use boneless chicken cut into tiny pieces if you prefer. There’s nothing like this Clay Pot Chicken Recipe and as I’ve shown, rice doesn’t have to be boring. Rice can be flavoured in different ways like adding Hainanese chicken rice paste (see my Hainanese chicken recipe here) or seasoning it with soy sauce mixture slowed cooked over a clay pot. Unfortunately, I do not own a clay pot so my trusty dutch oven will do the trick.

You will love the meaty oyster mushroom mixed with the salty rice of this Clay Pot Chicken Recipe. The sweetness of the Chinese sausage (or lap cheong in Cantonese) also adds a nice contrast to the salty flavour of the rice. Chinese sausage is made of dried pork that is sweetened with soy sauce, rice wine and rose water. Have you tried sausage that is sweet? Trust me, this chicken and rice recipe tastes a lot better with it as a side dish.



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