My Super Oscars Burger

It’s that time of year again!!! You guessed it. It’s the Oscars!!!! I love watching the parade of celebrities in their fashionable attire while eating comfort food in front of my TV. I can’t think of any other comfort food better than the hamburger!!! Just talking about it makes me think of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. You know the movie? It’s about two guys going on an epic road trip to satisfy their late night cravings for White Castle hamburgers. My Super Oscars Burger makes me feel like that except I don’t have to drive long distances to get my fix. Plus, I get my oven baked sweet potato fries just the way I like it.

Super Oscars Burger


Sweet Potato Fries


For sweet potato fries

For sriracha mayo sauce

Now grab the Zinfandel and enjoy your Oscar-worthy burger!!





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